About Us

The Door & Hardware Federation represents all the key manufacturers and installers of industrial, commercial, pedestrian and garage doors and powered gates, as well as manufacturers of locks, building hardware and architectural ironmongery.

We are a long established and well respected trade association who can trace our roots back to 1897 and currently have around 280 members.

We provide professionals in all sectors of the building industry with a single source for technical expertise, information, knowledge, advice and practical help.

The DHF actively helps its members comply with the latest CE marking legislation and other health & safety and compliance legislation. In addition, compliance gives members the competitive edge in the market over non member companies which are yet to comply with latest CE mark regulations.

It is vital that specifiers choose a CE marked product from a DHF member. The CE mark is evidence of product safety compliance under health and safety legislation, and so it helps protect the specifier from litigation in the event of an accident occurring post installation.

All automated doors and shutters must be CE marked under the Machinery Directive legislation. From July 1 this year, all other (non fire) industrial doors must be CE marked under the Construction Products Regulation.

The DHF is also committed to helping its members reduce the environmental impact caused by the design, manufacture, maintenance and use of their products. It is about to work with members on a number of sustainability initiatives.

With the ultimate aim of maintaining and raising quality standards throughout the industry, all DHF members must meet Quality Assured standards of competence and customer service. They all operate within a code of conduct governing standards of workmanship, quality, training, safety, business integrity and CE marking compliance.

The Federation, which continues to grow in size and influence, has six specialist groups looking after the interests of key players involved in:

  1. Garage doors
  2. Building hardware
  3. Industrial doors
  4. Powered gates
  5. Timber doorsets
  6. Metal doorsets