Types Of Entrance Door

Specifying a Front Entrance Door for your home from a DHF member is your guarantee that it will be fit for purpose, be compliant with all legislation, and will - with regular maintenance - prove reliable in use.

A DHF member should also be able to provide information about fire doors between the garage and house if an integral garage or Security Doors if apart from the house.

Entrance doors can be made to enhanced security (PAS24). Also, DHF members can advise regarding other characteristics such as heat retention, and noise reduction and give advice to help you choose the right products for your location, such as coastal regions. For answers to frequently asked questions on door security click here.

Every DHF member supplier will recommend the type of door to meet the end user’s needs.

Entrance Doors in Wood

This type of door can be a solid wooden door or a composite door with veneered surfaces. Generally supplied with wooden frames. Vision panels are available along with a wide range of door hardware and surface finishes.

Entrance Doors in Steel

Generally constructed with a coil coated steel surface on both internal and external surfaces. These can be in solid colours or woodgrain effect finishes. Can be of a sandwich type construction with either solid wood or PU foam infill. Installation frames can be in either steel, aluminium or wood. Can be supplied with a wide variety of hardware and glazing options.

Entrance Doors in Aluminium

Generally constructed with an aluminium hollow section frame and PU foam filled sandwich infill for the door blank and with Aluminium hollow section installation frame which can also be PU foam filled. Can be supplied in a variety of solid colours and woodgrain effect finishes with a wide variety of hardware and glazing options. Good thermal insulation properties and improved security features.

Entrance Doors Composite

Generally constructed in GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) moulded with either a sandwich infill of wood or PU foam. Installation frames can be in wood or aluminium and can be supplied with a wide range of colours and wood effect finishes, with glazing and hardware options. Also a wide range of mouldings designs are available.

Entrance Doors UPVC

Generally constructed in uPVC (unplastisized Polyvinyl Chloride) moulded with either sandwich panel infill. 


DHF has a wide range of publications available to download or view online. These include best practice guides and technical documents for products.

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