Why buy from a DHF Member?

Whatever your need - roller shutter, canopy up and over or just maintenance - make sure your supplier is a DHF member. This gives you complete peace of mind that you have chosen the right supplier who:

  • Operates within a code of conduct which governs members’ high standards of quality (standards of workmanship), safety, reliability and business integrity
  • Meets the DHF Quality Assured Standards of technical competence and customer service
  • Will ensure that the product or service you buy complies with all health and safety legislation
  • Provide independent support and advice to the trade and consumer
  • If they cease to trade you continue to be protected by the DHF Warranty. click here for further details.

All members of the DHF garage door group:

  • Maintain public and employer liability insurance and comply with all appropriate health and safety regulations
  • Understand the implication of recent European directives and legislation that classifies automated garage doors as machinery and introduces special compliance procedures and documentation.
  • Provide expert guidance on the ideal product and installation for you, after taking into account your budget and lifestyle needs
  • Have their work subjected to a pre-membership inspection and to ongoing service and quality reviews to determine and ensure a consistent level of service and quality
  • Commit to a programme of in-house and manufacturer supported training in product handling, presentation and installation




DHF has a wide range of publications available to download or view online. These include best practice guides and technical documents for products.

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