Why buy from a DHF and Building Hardware Group Member?

The main aim of the group is to produce locks and door furniture products that meet standards (BSI and TS) which in turn offer the assurance of fitness for purpose and degree of security provided. In many cases, the DHF has worked closely with standards-setting organisations to create the standards.

So specifying a building hardware product from a DHF member is your guarantee to your customer that your product will be:

  • Fit for the purpose intended
  • Prove reliable in operation
  • Manufactured to a high technical standard
  • Be compliant will all relevant legislation
  • Be compliant with the most appropriate standard

Only DHF member companies can pass on the benefits of federation membership to their customers. These benefits include:

  • Access to the largest library of door related technical guides and best practice guides in Europe
  • Opportunity to share best practice experience in design and manufacture with the leading industry organisations
  • Constantly kept up to date with ever changing legislation



DHF has a wide range of publications available to download or view online. These include best practice guides and technical documents for products.

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