Home Security

Home security is under threat now more than ever before.

For peace of mind you need to review every aspect of the security of your home. Make sure you have high quality secure locks, door fittings and window fittings. This is your first - and most important - defence against the risk of burglary.

Be aware:

  • Thieves continually find new ways of attacking locks in order to break into homes.
  • Methods of lock attack, previously only known to locksmiths and “professional” burglars, are now laid bare on the internet for the criminal fraternity to see.
  • There are 45 million residential doors in the UK ... it is estimated two thirds of these are vulnerable to attack.

The DHF represents all the major lockmakers and manufacturers of door security fittings, complete security door systems and window security fittings. From this site you can see what products are available to meet the latest lock and security standards, and learn how your security devices can be expertly installed.

For detailed advice on choosing door locks and increasing your window security, see the dedicated sections in the menu. Alternatively you can download our Home Security Guide.

If you are unsure about what is fitted to your door or window, or need further advice on choosing and installing door and window security producgs, contact a member of the Master Locksmith Association (MLA).





DHF has a wide range of publications available to download or view online. These include best practice guides and technical documents for products.

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