Why buy from a DHF Member?

Whatever your need - garage door, powered gate or home security - make sure your supplier is a DHF member. This gives you complete peace of mind that you have chosen the right supplier who:

  • Operates within a code of conduct which governs members’ high standards of quality (standards of workmanship), safety, reliability and business integrity
  • Meets the DHF Quality Assured Standards of technical competence and customer service
  • Will ensure that the product or service you buy complies with all relevent health and safety legislation

To find the right DHF member for your requirements use the supplier search on this site.


DHF has a wide range of publications available to download or view online. These include best practice guides and technical documents for products.

Why Use a DHF Member?

Specifying from a DHF member gives you peace of mind when searching for a product or service to meet your needs.

Supplier Search

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