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14 May 13

DHF helps construction site manager meet new CE mark regulations

DHF helps construction site managers meet new CE mark regulations

A campaign to help construction site managers be aware of the new legal requirements relating to CE marked external doorsets has been launched by the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF).

From July 1, it will be a legal requirement for external doorsets to be CE marked for their performance characteristics, including the CE marking of emergency escape doorsets (also referred to as fire escape doors).

Any additional fire resisting properties of external doorsets are not included in the current CE marking procedures.

The DHF, which represents all the leading UK industrial and commercial door makers, has produced a guide which spells out the legal CE marking obligations for suppliers, of which on-site managers need to be aware.. It can be downloaded from .

A CE marked external doorset must be a complete doorset product package, from a single source, and comprise door, frame, hardware, glass and seals. The single source may take responsibility for assembly and installation on site of the complete CE marked doorset package and must provide a formal Declaration of Performance for the product.

The new DHF CE marked external doorset guide for construction site management advises on-site personnel on how they can be sure they are receiving correctly CE marked doorsets that meet the performance requirements of their project. The guide advises:

  • only place orders with a single source

● ask to see the Declaration of Performance along with any separately documented voluntary characteristics
● check that these meet the performance requirements of your project and compare with other competing products, before accepting the products
● check the labelling and packaging of doorsets when they arrive on site.

External doorsets manufactured or supplied by many DHF member companies will be available by July 1 in compliance with the CE marking regulations.

The DHF is also planning an on-site poster campaign to make all construction site personnel aware of the important changes in CE marking legislation.

On-site construction personnel can also download other guides from the DHF website that give more information and technical guidance about CE marking of external doorsets.

The DHF Guide to specifying CE marked doorsets makes building professionals aware of the benefits of specifying CE marked doorsets over traditional multi-supplier sourced door assemblies. The DHF Guide to specifying CE marked external metal doorsets (non-fire) details the benefits offered by metal doorsets which include CE mark compliance, durability, extended service life, low maintenance and versatile designs.

The compulsory CE marking of internal doorsets and fire resisting doorsets will follow later and the DHF will produce further guides when this legislation is published.

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