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Due to its success last year the Powered Gate Group repeated its national safety campaign for 2015.  Gate Safety Week was set up to create awareness around the installation and maintenance of powered gates drawing attention to specific issues such as poor installation and maintenance. 

The campaign is aimed to educate and inform both professional installers, industry contacts and the general public on the dangers centred around poorly installed and maintained powered gates, in addition to how to report an unsafe gate and what to look for. 

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Gate Safety Week

The Powered Gate Group represents manufacturers, suppliers, installers and maintainers of powered automatic gates, and equipment used on such gates, who demonstrate their credentials of quality, safety and adherence to high technical and safety compliance standards.

The group was formed in response to requests from the Health & Safety Executive. The government safety organisation wanted to see an industry-wide trade body that would develop higher standards of safety for automated gates. The initiative followed a number of tragic accidents involving powered gates.

Since its formation the Powered Gate Group has worked with HSE to write a Guide to Gate Safety Legislation and Standards and has developed a comprehensive training programme that will become mandatory for all members of the group. Members will then qualify to use the Powered Gate Group Safety Assured logo.


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