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School gates

Since October 2012 and as part of dhf Automated Gate Group, a ‘Gate Safety Week’ campaign has been run each year to educate not just the industry but the general public in the dangers of powered assisted gates.  In 2016 dhf issued a new Code of Practice DHF TS 011:2016 and released a revised version in 2018, a Technical Specification for the installation, maintenance and repair of powered gates and traffic barriers to which all dhf members agree to adhere to. 

Alas it is estimated that there are 500,000 gates in operation within the UK and tragically around 70% are unsafe.

Unfortunately, in the last 12 years there has been some very tragic accidents in the UK relating to gates, that resulted in extremely nasty injuries and 9 deaths, 3 of those deaths were young children.  

What could possibly go wrong with a school automated gate?

Crushing Hazard

/media/gate_safety_week/library/gsw-crushing-hazard.jpgCrush at the main closing edge.


Impact Hazard

/media/gate_safety_week/library/gsw-impact-hazard.jpgImpact within the sweep or slide of the gate travel!


/media/gate_safety_week/library/gsw-impact-hazard2.jpgOther body parts crushed following a fall due to impact!


Electricity Hazard

/media/gate_safety_week/library/gsw-electricity-hazard.jpgElectric shock or loss of safety due to wiring faults!


Crushing Hazard

/media/gate_safety_week/library/gsw-crushing-hazard2.jpgFoot crushing danger zone.


Hinged End Hazard

/media/gate_safety_week/library/gsw-hinged-end-hazard.jpgFingers, limbs or worse crushed at reducing hinge area gaps.



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