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“Gate safety in both the residential and commercial sector is of critical importance. Ensuring that our clients have their gates checked regularly and all Health & Safety regulations are met is our top priority. SCS Automation is pleased to support DHF's Gate Safety Month 2019 initiative to help raise the awareness of such an important part of any gate installation."  

Max Smith - Director SCS Automation

The Association of Fencing Industries is delighted to support the DHF’s initiative of Gate Safety Week 2018. The prevention of accidents caused by improper installation and maintenance of powered gates is of vital importance to our industry and our members. The massive legal implications of unsafe installations have been highlighted by the conviction of a gate engineer for gross negligence manslaughter and the fining of his employer in 2017. Everyone concerned with the installation and use of powered gates needs to be aware of the risks involved in their use and ensure that suitable training and precautions are in place to ensure their safe operation.

In the DHF’s own words ‘Safe Gates Save Lives’
Ian Ripley, CEO, Association of Fencing Industries




As part of the ongoing support for the dhf Gate Safety Week campaign, dhf member EasyGates has produced comprehensive videos that explains how to force test gates and barriers using dhf TS 011:2016. The first 5 minute video that is freely avaliable on YouTube explains in simple graphics what you need to do. This is just one way our members can support our campaign. You can too!

You can show your support for our Gate Safety Week campaign by visiting dhf's get involved page or contacting dhf on 01827 52337.

Easy Gates



Powered gates that aren’t installed properly are a danger to adults, children and pets. Let’s join forces to make the industry safer.

Bft and dhf


“As the UK’s leading independent standard-setting body and provider of warranty and insurance for new homes, the NHBC would like to add its support to Gate Safety Week 2018, and dhf's efforts to drive home the importance of meeting safety standards for automated gates.”

Nigel Shapland, Senior Technical Officer – NHBC


/media/gate_safety_week/library/hse.jpg“HSE supports Gate Safety Week 2018, the dhf and all those involved in ensuring the safety of powered (automatic) gates. By working together in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of safe powered gates, we can reduce the risk or people being hurt. HSE’s website provides useful information on powered gates, and I encourage you to read and act on our advice –

Philip White, Head of Operational Strategy – Health & Safety Executive (HSE)


/media/gate_safety_week/library/bsif.jpg“The ‘British Safety Industry Federation’ (BSIF) is delighted to add its support to the 2018 gate Safety Week campaign and fully supports the dhf in their drive to raise public awareness of unsafe powered gates.”

Alan Murray, CEO – British Safety Industry Federation


/media/gate_safety_week/library/nsi.jpg“NSI is pleased to support Gate Safety Week 2018 Consumers looking to powered gates to improve the security of their homes or businesses should be assured they do not pose a threat to their safety. Raising safety standards, improving the reputation of the industry, and reducing the risk presented by unsafe gates is extremely important. We are proud to work with dhf to achieve these goals and commend Gate safety Week to anyone committed to improving safety.”

Graeme Hazlewood – NSI Business Development Director


/media/gate_safety_week/library/sea.jpg“SEA UK remains committed to improving gate safety standards across the automatic gate industry. Our free training sessions run by dhf trained members continue to inform and improve the general standard of safety for companies working with automatic gates. This work has been strengthened by our association with dhf and we are enormously proud to support this group.”

Jonathan Weaving – SEA UK Ltd


/media/gate_safety_week/library/rospa.jpg“With our mission to save lives and reduce injuries, the Royal Society for the Prevention ofAccidents (RoSPA) fully supports this year’s 2018 Gate Safety Week campaign and wishes the dhf every success in raising public awareness of the dangers associated with poorly fitted and maintained powered gates.”

Rebecca Hickman – RoSPA


/media/gate_safety_week/library/fpra.jpg“The Federation of Private Residents Associations (FPRA) is delighted to add its support to the 2018 Gate Safety Week campaign and fully supports the dhf in their drive to raise public awareness of unsafe powered gates.”

Bob Smytherman, Chairman – FPRA


/media/gate_safety_week/library/access-control.jpg“Helping to make gates safe has always been our primary vision and having been part of the dhf Powered Gate Group from its inception has helped in getting this message out to the industry. Working with the dhf, hosting dhf training at our Shropshire facilities, offering free product training and supporting the 2018 Gate Safety Week all helps in raising awareness in the industry and also helps to make the public aware of any potential dangers of unsafe automatic gates still out there. Making these gates safe and preventing further injuries or fatalities can only be a good thing.”

Jade Kelly, Marketing Executive – IN2 Access and Control Ltd


/media/gate_safety_week/library/metal-gates.jpg“Despite the fact that there have been several high profile accidents involving electric gates in recent years, we are amazed at how little knowledge the consumer has with regards to the safe operation of automated gates and as a result, continue to put themselves ta risk of injury, death or prosecution. Wit the safety of our customer being paramount at all times, we will be promoting this excellent initiative wherever possible and are therefore 100% behind the dhf's Gate Safety Week campaign to raise awareness of the issues.”

Dan Joleys – Metal Gates Direct


/media/gate_safety_week/library/nice.jpg“Safety has, and always will be, part of the DNA at Nice UK and throughout its global operations. Our support for the initiatives by the dhf Powered Gate Group to raise awareness and raise standards is unequivocal. As a manufacturer, we are continually looking to improve product and raise the bar on safety. This, the second Gate Safety Week, is another building block in making the industry both accountable and safer.”

Ian Alderson, Managing Director – Nice UK


/media/gate_safety_week/library/british-safety-council.jpg“The British Safety Council vision is that no one should be injured or made ill at work. That is why we wholeheartedly supports this year’s 2018 Gate Safety Week campaign. We wish the dhf every success in raising public awareness of the dangers associated with poorly fitted and maintained powered gates.”

Louise Ward, Director of Policy and Standards – The British Safety Council


/media/gate_safety_week/library/build-uk.jpg“As the single voice of the construction industry’s contracting supply chain, Build UK fully supports the dhf's Gate Safety Week initiative, in raising awareness of the need for properly installed and maintained automated gates.”

Keith Motson – Build UK


/media/gate_safety_week/library/estuary.jpg“At the forefront of gate safety, Estuary Housing Association has made gate safety and maintenance a priority. We therefore support fully, the Door and Hardware Federation’s Gate Safety Week campaign and hope that they will be able to successfully raise awareness of the need for powered gate safety.”

Andrew Holley, M&E Compliance Manager – Estuary Housing Association


/media/gate_safety_week/library/crime-prevention.jpg“The Crime Prevention Website is an independent resource of free crime prevention guidance aimed at the general public and the police service. I hope to guide the public in making the right decisions about their security, whether that is at home or at work. This is why I am delighted to support this very important initiative, not only to save lives and prevent injury, but to inform the public about powered gate safety issues of which, they would otherwise be unaware.  My hat is off to the dhf and members of the Automated Gate Group for organising this important week and I will continue to do what I can to support you.”

Calvin Beckford, Owner – The Crime Prevention Website


/media/gate_safety_week/library/irpm.jpg“The IRPM would like to add its full support to the dhf's 2018 Gate Safety Week initiative. Properly installed and maintained gates reduce the likelihood of accidents and this campaign is an excellent way of improving safety and spreading best practice.”

Janie Strange, Joint CEO – IRPM


/media/gate_safety_week/library/redeeming-our-communities.jpg“Safety and security among our communities is the heart and passion of everything we do at Redeeming Our Communities. We fully support the work of the dhf and hope Gate Safety Week is successful in raising awareness to everyone about automated gate safety.”

Debra Green, OBE – Redeeming our Communities



/media/gate_safety_week/library/gabba.jpg“As a pro-active organisation at the forefront of supporting legislation, standards and training across the industry, the Fencing Contractors Association (FCA) and the Gate Automation and Access Barrier Association (GAABA) are delighted to add our support to the 2018 Gate Safety Week campaign and fully support the dhf in their drive to raise public awareness of unsafe powered gates.”

Mark Copeland – GAABA Chair


“As leaders in the field and in line with our promotion of standards, quality and best practice across the industry, the BWF would like to offer its support to the dhf and Gate Safety Week 2018, in raising awareness of meeting safety standards for powered gates.”

Iain McIlwee –BWF


/media/gate_safety_week/library/efia.jpg“EFIA actively promotes safety standards and awareness within the UK fencing and gates sector, and is once again delighted to support dhf's Gate Safety Week and its various associated safety and training initiatives”

Bernard J Kilbride – European Fencing Industry Association


“Health & Safety should always be of paramount importance and the ability to install equipment safely and correctly should be top priority. Citation strive to ensure our clients meet all obligations under Health & Safety law and through our partnership with the dhf we supportinitivatives such as this which can only be of benefit”.

Nigel Lea – Citation


/media/gate_safety_week/library/gai.jpg“The Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) positively supports Gate Safety Week and wishes dhf every success in raising awareness of the importance of meeting safety standards”.

Gary Amer – Guild of Architectural Ironmongers


/media/gate_safety_week/library/mla2.jpg“The MLA enjoys a close relationship with dhf and so we’re more than happy to promote this vitally important message of automated gate safety. With MLA locksmiths doing more and more in terms of general security work, and a number getting specifically involved in installing powered gates, we’re keen to promote the message of ensuring all gates are safe, and are therefore pleased to back Gate Safety Week 2018”.

Steffan C H George – Master Locksmiths Association Ltd


/media/gate_safety_week/library/secured-by-design.jpg“Secured by Design and dhf have a long history of working together. As well as needing to be secure, it is vital that gates are regularly inspected and properly maintained so that they perform properly and at the same time are safe to those using them. Gate Safety Week is a great way of raising awareness in this area”.

Mick Reynolds – Secured by Design


/media/gate_safety_week/library/adsa.jpg“The Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA) are pleased to endorse the dhf's initiative to the automatic gate industry to promote safety in this market sector.”

Dave Hill – Automatic Door Suppliers Association


/media/gate_safety_week/library/strand-automation.jpg“The Creation of the dhf AutomatedGate Group has been a lifeline thrown to gate installation companies awash in a sea of legislative fear and confusion. The value of guidance, support, training and definition this has given to dhf members cannot be underestimated. By our membership, the dhf have provided us with a platform of credibility from which we can confidently fulfil our duty of care to our customers, assured that our advice will match that offered by other registered member companies.The confidence and direction that comes from an active membership of the dhf Automated Gate Group is an invaluable and essential part in the makeup of any gate installation company, new or established”.

Bill Dotesio-Eyers – Strand Systems Limited


/media/gate_safety_week/library/frontline-automation.jpg“We are absolutely 100% behind the dhf & Gate Safety Week. It can be difficult to make consumers understand the risks involved with automated gates and why upgrading the safety of their systems is so important. Some customers seem to think that we’re simply trying to win more work and having an event such as Gate Safety Week provides us with the perfect platform to get in touch with customers and raise awareness. I don’t think there has ever been a more important time to promote the safety of automated systems and we are pleased to be members of dhf and to be supporting this initiative.”

Jayne Clowes – Frontline Automation


/media/gate_safety_week/library/bft-automation.jpg“Bft treat health and safety with the utmost importance. We believe every effort should be made to ensure all aspects of gate installation are undertaken safely and correctly. We pride ourselves in always keeping up to date with meeting health and safety standards and are proud to support dhf in raising awareness on this subject and promoting Gate Safety Week.

Kevin Spinks – Bft Automation UK Ltd



“As a dhf accredited gate specialist, we take gate safety incredibly seriously. We think that the Gate Safety Week/media/gate_safety_week/library/portcullis-logo.jpg is an incredibly important time of the year and we wholeheartedly support dhf with their #SafeGatesSaveLives campaign.

 "Too many people have been tragically affected by a lack of safety and compliance across the industry which is why we place the safety of gates at the top of our priority list.”

 Justin Earl, Managing Director - Portcullis Gate Automation

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