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Coronavirus Training Update


Coronavirus training update  

DHF, like everybody else, is monitoring the unpredictable storm that is the Coronavirus, which is approaching at a rapid rate and is responding accordingly.

Our primary concern is for the health and well being of our learners, their loved ones, colleagues and the trainers.  The organisation is continuing to work as normal and this includes the provision of training, but we are also taking reasonable and sensible measures. We are respectfully asking that learners read the following information and appreciate our reasons for taking such measures.

Obviously the situation is unprecedented and therefore, like the rest of the UK, we will adapt to any changes in the guidelines and advice given to us by the official bodies.

We ask that all learners please follow these guidelines:

  • On-site training:

    In order to ensure that facility cleanliness is at a high standard, all new training dates going forward will ONLY be at the DHF training facilities near Tamworth.  The training facilities are equipped with hand wash and where available hand sanitiser, and we ask that learners wash their hands regularly.  We are also providing individually wrapped lunches.
  • Training at hotels:

    We are cancelling any training carried out at hotels for the foreseeable future and transferring learners on to alternative courses held at Tamworth.  Those courses that are happening in a hotel between July and September of which there are a few, a decision on these courses happening will be made closer to the time of the course.  No additional hotel locations will be booked for the time being. 
  • Social distancing:

    We are making all possible accommodations to satisfy social distancing recommendations (2m distance) between learners.
  • Limited course size:

    To accommodate more space between learners, we are limiting the amount of places available.
  • If you are showing symptoms:

    Learners showing symptoms of Covid-19 such as elevated temperature or a new, persistent cough, it is recommended that you re-book for a different course date.
  • Living with someone who is self isolating:

    If a learner is sharing a home with someone who is self isolating for whatever reason, we recommend they book on to a course once the isolation period has ceased.
  • Right to refuse entry:

    Our training staff have been instructed to refuse entry to DHF facilities for any persons showing signs of coughing or high temperature.
  • No handshaking:

    DHF staff and facilities are under a ‘no handshaking rule’, although if you are healthy elbow bumps or foot taps are encouraged.
  • Call ahead:

    DHF respectfully request that delegates and training coordinators please call 24 hours before your course date to make sure the course is going ahead, or to move your date to another course.

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A message from Bob Perry CEO of DHF

A message from Bob Perry CEO of DHF

05 March 2020

CEO Bob Perry outlines DHFs short term procedures that are being introduced in respect of the current situation regarding the recent concerns about Coronavirus.

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