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Technical Tuesday updates

/media/product_groups_pages/library/technical-tuesday---best-practice.jpgWhere a Master Key System project is provided in accordance with the requirements of TS 17814, any or all of the processes that you provide (design, manufacture, installation, maintenance) must comply with TS 17814 Section 4. Self-declaration of process compliance is acceptable. However, as TS 17814 concerns the secure protection of Master Key System data, having an independent 3rd party audit of your TS 17814 processes may be considered by some preferable to a self-declaration. For further guidance read DHF's Master key systems Data Protection

/media/product_groups_pages/library/technical-tuesday---best-practice.jpgTS 17814 includes the protection of Master Key System data throughout the whole process of supply, installation and for the lifetime of the system. Part of this process is the security of keys and key blanks. For a system to be supplied in accordance with TS 17814, key blanks must be held in a secure, access-controlled environment. Therefore, key systems such as open profile systems – where blanks are freely available on the open market, or key systems with no patent protection of the key profile, should not be considered suitable for use on a Master Key System to TS 17814. For further guidance read DHF's Master key systems Data Protection

/media/product_groups_pages/library/technical-tuesday---best-practice.jpgThe supply chain process of a Master Key System may be provided by multiple parties. Therefore, as required by TS 17814 and to maintain system integrity, companies should clearly indicate to which area(s) of Master Key System project their compliance is declared. It is recommended that a completed copy of this document is retained by all parties and the original issued to the client end user. For further guidance read DHF's Master key systems Data Protection


/media/product_groups_pages/library/technical-tuesday---best-practice.jpgLocksets should have acceptable documentary evidence to show that they are suitable for use on any smoke and/or fire-resisting doors for which they are intended. Acceptable test reports should be to BS 476-22, EN 1634-1, EN 1634-2, EN 1634-3 or an assessment report by an accredited testing institute. Such locksets may also be CE or UKCA marked to EN 12209. Read DHF's Mechanically operated push-button locksets.

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