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Training academy


dhf is committed to ongoing training 

Undertaking training provides an opportunity to expand the knowledge base of everyone, but many employers find the development opportunities expensive. The time away from work while attending training as well as the cost, is a deciding factor many employers must consider.  Especially if it means the completion of projects or contracts is delayed.

Despite this, many employers see the need for training to take place a worthwhile exercise as it benefits the company as well as the employee.  Keeping your knowledge up to date is so important, more so when you are talking about changes in legislation and safety.

dhf recognises this and is proud to offer Safety Diploma refresher courses FREE OF CHARGE.  This training programme is here to fill any skills gap or perhaps just act as a reminder of things that have escaped your memory.

The information within the refresher courses allows for strengthening of skills. By providing the necessary training for more than one employee will result in an overall knowledgeable staff base able to work in teams or independently without constant help and supervision from others.

To take the refresher course visit the Training Academy site

Please remember to use your training academy log in details received in your welcome email.

For any assistance please contact the Training department.

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