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What's involved in gaining the NVQ qualification?

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The NVQ is a competence based qualification, and is based on national occupational standards. These standards are statements of performance that describe what competent people in an occupation are expected to be able to do.

The NVQ is achieved through assessment, which is carried out through on the job observations and questioning. You will be asked to produce evidence to prove you have competence to meet the NVQ units for the qualification.

You will need to achieve several units that make up the full NVQ qualification. Some of the units are mandatory and must be completed, others are optional.

The time required to complete the qualification will be dependent on your abilities and the availability of suitable work to observe. The period is usually three months, allowing an assessor to compile the substantial number of documents required. However, if timings and experience allow, qualification can be much quicker.

During on-site observations, your work and discussions will be recorded which could include video and audio, and your evidence will be compiled electronically, giving you a ‘state of the art’ portfolio.

An initial induction meeting is required to ascertain your exact requirements and to run you through the whole process. During this meeting, registration paperwork will be completed which will be forwarded to the CITB with your registration fee.

To view the NVQ units click here

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