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Is this a genuine card?

Yes.  dhf has partnered with ADSA (Automatic Door Suppliers Association) to offer a Partner Scheme approved by CSCS

Do I need to do CPD (continued professional development)?

Yes.  As part of our scheme, dhf is asking that anyone who is applying for a card has evidence of CPD.  This is usually in the form of a valid dhf training course certificate or a dhf approved course valid certificate.  It is in our interest that the industry is kept on top of the latest legislation and standards to which we are advocates.

Who is the card issued by?

dhf will process your application in accordance to the regulations set out in our Partner Scheme agreement with CSCS.  The organisation issuing the cards is ADSA.

What card do I need?

Each card is specific to the requirement.  For example, if you want to gain access to a 'site' and carry out work independently, you will need a blue Skilled Worker card.  You will need the relevant NVQ or currently hold a blue Skilled Worker card - with grandfather rights, before you can apply for this card.  The table on the application page will let you know which card is relevant to you.

How do I re-new my card?

Complete the application in full, upload all supporting evidence and a passport style photograph of yourself and pay the amount due.

I've lost my card, what can I do?

dhf will replace a lost or stolen card for a small fee of £30.  You need to select this option on the table and fill out the application form in its entirity.  You will need to submit your supporting documentation again and a passport style photograph and pay.

Is there a CSCS card checker?

Yes.  dhf will check if you have a current CSCS card.

I've got a blue Skilled Worker card.  Will I be asked for further ID on site?

No.  You shouldn't be asked but if the site manager refuses entry that is at their discretion, dhf has no bearing or influence over any stipulations a site manager may make.

I've got a red Experienced Worker card and need to upgrade to a blue Skilled Worker card.  What do I do?

dhf will upgrade your existing card to a blue Skilled Worker card providing you have met the criteria.  You must select this option on the application table, complete the application form, upload the required evidence and pay.

What is a dhf approved course?

As part of the scheme offered by dhf, we request that you have attended a course that dhf deems to be of a standard expected of the industry.  A list of approved courses can be found on the CSCS Card introduction page.

How long will my card last?

Usually 3 years but some cards are for less.  Please see the table on the CSCS Card Application page that shows how long each card will last for.

I work on Fire Doors.  What do I need?

dhf will accept proof of attending a dhf approved course.  For fire doors this is usually the BRE training courses.  However, under some circumstances, dhf will accept other fire door training if the provider of that course is of a similar standing to BRE, such as Certifire.

I work on powered pedestrian doors.  What do I need to do?

If you work on powered pedestrian doors you need to obtain your CSCS card from ADSA.  You must have an up to date ADSA Authorised Technician card.  ADSA will explain all of this to you.  Please visit their site to apply.


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