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Why use a dhf member?


You’re probably wondering 'why should I use a dhf member, what’s the benefit to me?'  If you look in the area of this site dedicated to the industry you are interested in, you will see that by choosing a dhf member organisation, you are choosing:

  • a company that wants to see standards of products and services raised in the industry
  • a company dedicated to providing a professional service
  • a company that keeps abreast of the latest legislation and standards
  • a company that has the backing of a federation that’s been in existence since 1897
  • a company that has a network of professional consultants available to them
  • a company that has the advice and guidance from the industry’s top professionals and advisers

As a federation, we support our various industry sectors by representing them on BSI standards committees, liaising with compliance authorities such as the Health and Safety Executive and Trading Standards as well as the Secured by Design Police initiative and fire safety organisations across the UK and Europe.

Whether you are selecting a product or service as a homeowner, architect, specifier, facilities manager, or buyer, you can rest assured that dhf has the right organisation for you.  

If you are unsure how to find a dhf member, please take a look at these 'How-To' videos that explain the search and advanced search functions on the website:


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