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ABBE Accreditation


dhf offers accredited training regulated by Ofqual

dhf is proud to offer formal accredited courses for its Automated Gate & Traffic barrier, Industrial & Garage Door and Dock Leveller training through ABBE.  The Level 2 Awards now provide the learner with formal theory qualifications that complement the NVQ but doesn't replace it.

What does accreditation mean?

Specialised accreditation attests to the quality of an educational program that prepares for entry into a recognised profession. The purpose of accreditation is the improvement of academic quality and public accountability.

Accredited dhf courses are a formal qualification and are the first in the industry to be offered as a theory-based course. The course complements, but doesn’t replace, the NVQ Door & Gate Systems Engineer Level 2, and for the public, promotes the company who employs a trained workforce by assuring competent professionals. It is valuable to those who tender for jobs in the pre-qualifying questionnaire process.

dhf is an Approved Assessment Centre of ABBE, who is regulated by Ofqual, the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation, which regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England. dhf is proud to offer formal accredited courses for its Automated Gate & Traffic Barrier and Industrial & Garage Door training through ABBE. 

dhf continues to offer the only  accredited theory-based courses in the industry.

Why would an installation engineer desire course accreditation?

Successful completion of an accredited training course means the training delegate can enhance their CV, and the training accreditation remains with them as long as they continue to maintain their level of knowledge in the course.

What benefits would an installation firm get from having accredited installation engineers?

Just as any organisation would benefit from having formally accredited members of staff, an installation firm with properly accredited staff would have an edge over competitors without accredited staff when promoting its business to clients. Having accreditation helps highlight to customers and other members of staff that safety is your highest priority.

Can Level 4 training be accredited as well?

Yes, this can be added at the time of booking. Level 4 training is intended for supervisors or managers - persons within a company that can impart meaningful change to safety checks and procedures, so having accreditation is ideal for those at this level of management.

What does it cost?

Accreditation fees are in addition to the cost of the course. Accreditation fees vary for each level: Level 2 Awards carry a £40 additional charge and Level 4 Awards carry a £50 additional charge. Adding accreditation to both Level 2 and Level 4 Awards would carry a £90 additional charge.

How do I add accreditation?

Simply tick the 'Accreditation' box when booking and paying online and the registration fee will be added to the cost of the course. If you have further questions about accreditation you can email or call dhf at the number at the bottom of this page.

About ABBE

ABBE is regulated by Ofqual for a range of qualifications. Ofqual, whose full name is the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation,is a non-ministerial government department that regulates qualifications, exams and tests in England, including vocational qualifications such as NVQs. Their qualifications are nationally recognised helping learners to achieve their full potential and ambitions.

ABBE was established in 1997 offering qualifications in the building and construction industry.  As an Awarding Organisation, ABBE’s role is to develop qualifications and assessments which are valid and reliable and are responsive to customer needs. 

ABBE approves colleges and training providers to deliver their qualifications, they set assessments and issue certificates to successful learners. ABBE's expertise lie in developing qualifications that are vocational in nature and which complement work based learning and licence to practice ‘type’ learning.

The qualifications that ABBE offer are suitable for preparing to work in a sector, for starting a career and/or for professional development.  ABBE have developed considerable expertise in overseeing high quality assessment for qualifications ranging from level 1 to level 6 covering a variety of disciplines and a range of areas. 

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