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BBC call in DHF for Watchdog programme

Watchdog, the BBC TV consumer programme that exposes rogue traders, called on the DHF (Door & Hardware Federation) for expert help when it turned the spotlight on dodgy domestic garage doors.

The DHF is the trade association representing the leading manufacturers and installers of garage doors in the UK. On the Wednesday (November 30) programme, the DHF’s technical expert Nick Perkins helped Matt Allwright, Watchdog’s consumer champion, highlight the safety issues caused by the incorrect installation of garage doors.

In the programme, Watchdog exposed one company that fitted a garage door which subsequently fell, injuring the person who was walking into the garage. The garage door company based in Chelmsford had variously traded under the Essati, Vecelli and Roman company names but had the same family members involved. Guarantees issued had subsequently proved worthless following the company name changes, Watchdog revealed.

In the programme Nick - who is the DHF’s training officer - gave an on-air commentary during the secret filming of the installation of an ill-fitting garage door. Viewers heard Nick criticise the methods of installation used by the fitters which, he said, should have been safer.

After the fitters left, Nick inspected the installation and said his main concern was the structural integrity of the door.

Following the programme, Nick said: “A garage door is the largest and heaviest moving part in the home. If it’s unsafe it’s quite capable of causing serious injury if someone is struck or trapped by an unsafe garage door.

“The DHF has been campaigning for a long time to raise standards of compliance and safety in the garage door industry. To that end we work closely with trading standards officials to alert them to companies which fit non-compliant doors.

“As Watchdog demonstrated, there are unfortunately still companies out there which cut corners, mislead customers and fit doors that are potentially dangerous. Watchdog is seen by millions of viewers so this programme will significantly raise awareness amongst householders of the need for compliant and safe garage doors. The DHF will continue to advise householders to have their garage doors installed and maintained by reputable companies that employ qualified and trained installers.”

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