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DHF produces comprehensive guide to benefits of complete Timber Doorsets

Benefits of Timber doorsets for web

Door & Hardware Federation’s (DHF) Timber Doorset Group has produced a comprehensive guide to the benefits of ‘factory prepared complete timber doorsets’. The group actively promotes the commercial and legal benefits of specifying complete timber doorsets, as opposed to purchasing individual components from various sources; they are then made up on site. And with an all-inclusive list of benefits now available in an easy-to-download publication, it is anticipated that building professionals such as specifiers, architects and contractors will achieve a wider understanding and recognise the advantages to purchasing a complete product, including those involved in the modular build market.

The new DHF publication lists the many benefits of choosing a complete timber doorset, primarily, that these products derive from one single source of supply, are quality-controlled products and will ultimately, result in cost-savings as all necessary items are included. In addition, using a complete timber doorset is a greener option, as they are engineered for energy efficiency and sustainability.

“In everyone’s minds, recent events have brought to the fore, the premise that a poorly fitted door, or one that has had the integrity compromised, can be a liability,” explains DHF Marketing Manager, Patricia Sowsbery-Stevens. “DHF believes that installing a complete doorset that has been tested as a complete unit, manufactured under a third-party certification scheme, installed and maintained by a company certified to do so under third-party certification, provides peace of mind, reduced installation time and ultimately, costs.
“It is a 'no fuss' solution, with no need to purchase separate components as everything is included. In addition, complete doorsets can be installed later in the building process, reducing the risk of on-site damage whilst works are on-going and are a perfect solution for modular builds. There are so many advantages to purchasing a complete doorset and we believe that DHF’s latest publication will enable a greater understanding of the benefits of selecting these products.”

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