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DHF Renews Campaign Against Non-compliant Domestic Garage Doors


In its on-going campaign against non-compliant products and to prevent accidents caused by domestic garage doors, DHF (Door & Hardware Federation), which represents garage door manufacturers and installation companies alike, is renewing its message in the run-up to the festive season, when domestic garage doors are utilised more frequently.  In particular, the federation considers the importance of selecting the right product and the right installer to ensure safety, as well as safeguarding that the garage door is secure and fit-for-purpose.

According to research carried out by RAC Home Insurance in 2021, more than half (5.7 million) of the UK’s estimated 11 million garages are not used to park cars, most likely because cars are getting bigger, and they are too full of household items.   This did not stop the homeowners investing in replacement garage doors during the recent lockdowns however, when people decided to carry out home improvements (source: ONS).  So much so, that contemporary garage doors are now a common sight on British driveways.  Afterall a new garage door can not only enhance convenience (especially if it’s automated) and security but improve the ‘kerb appeal’ of a domestic property and potentially increase its value.  

As the festive season approaches, and garages are very often the storage place of choice for larger gifts such as bicycles, DHF stresses the importance of a correctly installed, compliant garage door.  There are many reliable installation companies that are members of DHF providing safe, secure and compliant doors, but DHF also recognises that companies do exist, who are not members of DHF, and that supply cheaper, sometimes, non-compliant products.

Patricia Sowsbery-Stevens, DHF Head of Commercial Operations says, “ DHF is aware that there are several companies that are driving their business on the ‘buy in bulk sell it cheap’ strategy.  One might question that if it’s that cheap it’s too good to be true, and very often this is the case.  Any company promoting automated garage doors with safety as an additional ‘paid for’ feature is not providing a compliant product.  An automated garage door that operates by means of a remote control, that can be used out of sight of the door and does not have a safety device such as a light grid, inherent force limitation or safety edge, is not compliant.

“Domestic garage doors are, on the whole, safe, but it is essential to select the right product and the right installer,” she continues.  “It  is very important to recognise that ‘safety and compliance’ should not be considered an ‘optional extra’; rather, a crucial part of installation and maintenance.  DHF continues to work closely with Trading Standards to expose those offering non-compliant products and advocate that the public do their own research into the safety and compliance of a garage door rather than be led by cost.”

DHF has a series of publications that installation companies can use as a sales tool that informs the consumer on what they should expect from their installation company when purchasing an automated garage door.  These are all available on the DHF website.

This winter, DHF’s campaign is to raise awareness so that the general public know what a compliant garage door should look like.  It will shortly embark on promoting the importance of compliant garage doors through social media channels in a series of ‘tid bits’ of its recently launched video, showcasing the biggest issues concerned with  ‘Hold to Run’.  


Patricia added, “we urge members and non-members to re-post our articles on their own social media platforms, so they raises awareness on compliant garage door installation and maintenance.”

DHF has remained a consistent and reliable voice in the industry for safety, compliance and raising standards, across all the industries it serves.   Mid-Covid-19, the federation urged caution following an increase in DIY due to lockdowns, and again, stressed that in all instances where professional installations are required, a fully trained DHF member can offer a correctly installed and compliant product.  This was particularly true for the fitting of, for example, a new garage door.

“Our raison d'être is to work to combat non-compliant products in the marketplace and that every company member of DHF is equipped with the correct training as part of the criteria of membership,” concludes Patricia.  “Members can be found on the DHF website, and we can also provide consumer information demonstrating exactly what consumers should be getting from a domestic garage door installation company.”

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