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DHF voices full support for government-led Construction Playbook

DHF voices full support for Construction Playbook

Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) has announced its full support for The Construction Playbook, in delivering a more efficient, faster and greener solution to improve building and workplace safety.

The Construction Playbook was introduced in December 2020 by the government and brings together knowledge, expertise and best practice to reform the industry and transform how public works projects are assessed, procured and managed.

The Playbook’s objective is to improve building and workplace safety, promote social values and work towards the UK’s 2050 net zero commitment with a whole life carbon approach, by way of clear and appropriate outcome specifications, longer term contracting across portfolios (offering greater value through public spending) and faster end-to-end project delivery. It will also provide an improved financial assessment of suppliers and preparation for the rare occasions when things go wrong, with the introduction of resolution planning requirements into critical contracts.

The playbook presents a multitude of benefits for suppliers, namely, that all parts of the supply chain work to the Supplier code of conduct, the development of manufacturing-led solutions, the ability to implement automated, digital payment and contracting systems, and a meeting of the standards of the UK-BIM Framework, again, advocated by DHF.

“We are very much voicing our support for The Construction Playbook and will be encouraging our members to be part of the team,” explains DHF’s Head of Commercial Operations, Patricia Sowsbery-Stevens. “The playbook is a best practice framework that focuses on getting projects right from the start. It outlines the Government’s expectations on how contracting authorities and suppliers, including the supply chain, should engage with each other, by bringing together people from across different functions to create teams with the right expertise. All parties (the builder, the door manufacturer and the hardware supplier) will benefit by creating a profitable, sustainable and resilient sector with a well-trained workforce for the future.”

The government has committed to a multi-year implementation programme for the Construction Playbook, recognising that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It is available at The Construction Playbook - GOV.UK (

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