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Employment Law advice for DHF Members

What the 'Leave' Result Means for Employment Law

With the majority of the British population voting to leave the European Union, we understand that our clients and businesses in general will be concerned by what this decision means for them.

While we don't know the full impact of this decision yet, we would like reassure clients that whatever happens in the coming months and years, Croner will be on hand to support you through the journey.

As always if you have any concerns, please speak to our team of expert HR, Health & Safety, Tax and Reward advisers.

Alan Price, FCIPD
CEO, Croner


Will laws change overnight?

No, any GB laws incorporating EU laws will remain in place until the legal process is undertaken to change them.

When will laws change?

Generally, countries are given two years to negotiate their exit from the EU. Therefore, if GB laws are to be changed, it will not be until 2018 at the earliest.

Which employment laws could change?

It is likely that the laws on annual leave entitlement and minimum break times will be first on the list, followed by the laws on the equal treatment of agency workers and on informing and consulting with staff on major changes at work, because these stem from EU legislation. Laws on unfair dismissal and National Minimum/Living Wage do not stem from Europe, therefore they will be unaffected by the result.

I employ foreign workers, what will happen to them?

Nothing will happen immediately, they will continue to work for you as normal. Any changes to immigration laws will likely affect those who want to enter Britain after the exit happens (probably in 2018). It will probably be more difficult to employ someone from the EU in the long term, but exactly what happens to foreign workers currently in Britain will depend on the exact terms of the exit. If you employ foreign workers and are concerned about the impact, please contact a member of the Employment Advisory Team.

What should I do now?

Carry on as usual; wait and see how the Government handles the exit. Remember that there will be no practical changes for a long time.

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