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Training Code of Conduct

1. Introduction

This code of conduct is for individuals who have booked to attend any one of the dhf‘s Safety training courses whether a Level 2 or Level 4 Award.

2. Aim

The code details the general requirements that are expected of a Level 2 or Level 4  Award holder and gives guidelines regarding the use of such.

3. Requirements and general information

It is a requirement that all attendees must:

  • Act with integrity so as to uphold the standing and reputation of the dhf
  • Advise the dhf if they are charged with a criminal or civil offence
  • Keep themselves informed of current professional practices and developments appropriate to the level and type of their responsibilities
  • Carry out work with reasonable skills and care
  • Advise the dhf in writing when moving to a new employer
  • Both the Level 4 Award and the Level 2 Award are valid for 3 years
  • Keep their Level 2 or Level 4 Award updated. At the end of the validation period, a new Level 2 or Level 4 Award will be issued by the dhf upon completion of a short online refresher course or similar

4. Mis-use of dhf logo or Level 2 & Level 4 Awards

Attending a dhf training course does not entitle the holder of the Level 2 or Level 4 Award to use the dhf logo.  The Award is issued for training only and is not proof of dhf membership.  The Award remains the property of dhf and will be withdrawn and the qualification revoked if the owner is found to be in breach of this Code of Conduct or using it in a manner that is not in line with dhf best practice. Companies who are not members of dhf who send their representatives onto a dhf training course must not allude to membership. 

5. Declaration of attendee

By ticking the box I agree that I have read and understood my obligation to adhering to this Code of Conduct and also advise dhf of any circumstances that would possibly prevent me from using the Diploma or Award gained.

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