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Door locks

If you want to replace your front or back door with a brand new door, complete with the latest security features (such as strong handles and a high security lock) insist your new door meets the PAS 24 standard.

This is a complete door assembly (comprising door, door frame and all door hardware such as hinges, handles and locks) that is rated to the PAS 24 standard and offers complete security.

If you want to keep your front, back or patio door but increase its security, consider a replacement lock cylinder (or barrel, the part where you put in the key) or a complete new lock, or strengthened door handles, or a combination of these.

Timber door: you need a Kitemarked lock rated to BS 3621 (or its 8621 or 10621 variants that offer different locking combinations).

PVCu or composite door with multi-point locking system (this is where steel bolts are thrown between the door and frame at various points along the edge of the door): You need a lock rated to PAS 3621 (8621 or 10621) specification.

PVCu or composite door with a key-free lock (one operated by a remote keyfob or combination keypad): you need a lock rated to TS 621 specification.

What is PAS 24:2016?

PAS 24 is a publicly available specification for enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK. Doorsets and windows intended to offer a level of security suitable for dwellings and other buildings exposed to comparable risk.

Publicly Available Specification or PAS is a standardisation document that closely resembles a formal standard in structure and format but which has a different development model. The objective of a PAS is to speed up standardisation and are often produced in response to an urgent market need.  To put it in simple terms, it means that every component used within the doorset that is tested must comply to the relevant British Standard for that component.

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