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Benefits of metal doorsets

As early as the late 1960s metal doorsets were being specified by architects on some high profile commercial developments, either attracted to the factory finished metal door concept or influenced by the extensive use of metal doorsets in the USA. The selection of metal fire doorsets for basement areas and high rise stair wells in particular, grew steadily from this time on.

The modern flush metal doorset as we know it today, gradually made inroads into the commercial door market.  Particularly as ‘back of house’ doorsets on industrial buildings, warehousing and shopping complexes because of an understanding that they were more secure and relatively maintenance free.

Benefits of these metal doorsets have not changed much since this time and continue to include:

  • Cost effectiveness of an installed product
  • Factory prepared for hardware and assembled to high standards of accuracy
  • Flexible frame and door design features with light-weight face sheets and cores
  • Easy to handle and install in all types of wall construction
  • Extensive variety of vision panels, side and over panels available
  • Smooth door faces with a wide range of attractive factory applied colour finishes available
  • Outstanding life cycle performance – longevity and low maintenance cost
  • Excellent performance in high use areas – are tested up to one million test cycles

Performance qualities of metal doorsets

  • Fire - outstanding fire performance – up to 240 mins’ fire resistance achievable with conventional metal door construction
  • Security - doorsets with high level, third part certified security ratings available
  • Weathertightness - excellent weather resistance properties
  • Sound - high level acoustic ratings achievable
  • Thermal - metal doors with high performance cores provide excellent thermal properties
  • Excellent performance in areas prone to high abuse – such as hospitals, sporting arenas or places prone to vandalism
  • Hygiene - well-designed metal doors are an excellent product in hygienic locations – steel does not absorb microbes and is easily washed and cleaned
  • Steel doors do not rot, warp, twist or crack and with the application of modern protective finishes may be used confidently in corrosive locations
  • All performance products available from dhf members are backed by third party certification schemes

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