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Why timber doorsets?



  • As a Responsible Person/s under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005  – whether employer, owner of a building, or person in control of the building (fire safety; new build design; asset management; capital works; operations…) you have a responsibility for fire safety measures
  • You will want to know that your fire safety measures including fire doors perform


  • Timber doorsets are tested at UKAS accredited test houses for performance testing
  • Tested as a complete doorset: door, frame, seals, glass, hardware
  • Timber doorsets offer multiple performance characteristics  including:
    • Fire, Smoke Control, Security, Thermal Insulation, Weathertightness, Durability, Acoustics
  • Performance standards exist for all the above to meet building regulations
  • Test reports, scopes and declaration of performance verify the doorsets performance

Whole Life Costs

/media/product_groups_pages/library/doorsets-whole-life-costs.jpgReduced capital cost

  • Single source supplier
  • Quality controlled  doorsets
  • Accurately sized & morticed for hardware
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Reduced risk of accidents to installers
  • Reduced risk of damage / loss on site
  • Reduced purchase costs

Reduced operational cost

  • Timber is repairable
  • Fire doorsets must be regularly maintained under the RR(FS)O
  • Timber doorsets provide clear traceability, allowing for the purchaser to go to the doorset manufacturer for replacement parts
  • Timber is a traditional material for fire doorsets, unlike newer lightweight insulation materials that, once flammable, can contribute to the fire load and toxicity affecting the building and inhabitants.

Reduced disposal cost

  • Timber is a natural material & biodegradable making it less costly on the environment too
  • Timber doorsets reduce landfill wastage fees & tax
  • Timber doorsets offer cradle to grave approach for building design

Quality & Traceability

/media/product_groups_pages/library/doorsets-quality.jpgThird party certification manufacture

  • Through a UKAS accredited independent  notified body
  • Certification for manufacture ensures what is produced  accurately reflects what is tested
  • Reassurance to back up your purchasing decision & evidence to back up your fire safety measures

Third party certification installation

  • Through a UKAS accredited independent notified body
  • Certification for installation ensures your certified doorset is correctly installed
  • Reassurance to back up your fire safety measures

Chain of custody

  • Records of the timber used
  • Sustainability

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