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What are the benefits of timber doorsets?

Timber doorsets are increasingly being used in projects around the UK.  No longer just an item found in hotels and restaurants, but evermore so in homes. 

Those with a keen eye on environmental issues will agree that using a doorset from a sustainable source with a chain of custody that traces the history of the wood used is a positive move forward.

Not unlike the environmental issues, the whole process is one that in an otherwise busy world, becomes a pleasure to purchase whether as a consumer or as trades person.

What are the real benefits of using a timber doorset and why should you specify one?

  1. One source of supply
    • Compatible door, frame, hardware, seals and glass from one quality, accountable doorset supplier
  2. More efficient use of materials and installation time
    • Quality controlled and engineered doors and frames arrive accurately sized and morticed for hardware
    • Frames when supplied knocked down have machined joints for simple assembly
    • Cost effectiveness of the installed unit
    • Reduces dependence on installer skills
  3. More reliable and consistent engineered performance characteristics tested and certified independently as a complete doorset
    • Fire
    • Acoustic
    • Security
    • Thermal
    • Weathertightness
  4. Health and safety advantages
    • Less risk of accidents to site installers
  5. Greener option
    • Sustainability
    • Chain of custody/ trace records or history of the wood used

So, I suppose the question is more likely to be why wouldn’t you specify a timber doorset?

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