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Benefits of Joining dhf & the Industrial Door Group

Specifiers and end users of industrial and commercial building products, and domestic customers, increasingly want the reassurance of quality, safety and compliance with legislation when choosing products. Membership of a progressive trade association allows you to demonstrate exactly that to your customers.

Membership of the dhf shows your customers that you meet the stringent dhf Quality Assured Standards, and when you are a Full Member allows you to use the dhf logo. So, membership of dhf gives you the edge over non-member competitors, so you can reap increased business growth and success. Joining the dhf also gives members a voice when lobbying government, standards bodies, and other organisations.

You can find a comprehensive overview of dhf membership benefits within the Join dhf section. However, as a member of the dhf and Industrial Door Group you would enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • derive business benefit and increase sales from the synergy between industrial door makers, doorset suppliers and door hardware suppliers, working together to:
    • Actively promote industry standards
    • Meet current and future legislation
    • Position dhf members as the leaders in the UK door market
  • benefit from the credibility of belonging to the dhf , the respected organisation which is raising standards of professionalism, minimum Quality Assured technical standards and offers peace of mind to the specifier and end user
  • access to a large library of door related technical guides and best practice guides in Europe
  • constantly kept up to date with ever-changing legislation
  • promote your company on the dhf website

For more information about the benefits of being a member of dhf, visit the membership pages of this website.

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