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All dhf members of the Industrial Door Group, are keen to work closely with, architects, and specifiers to ensure that a suitable product meets the brief for a specific project. 

This section provides information on up to date information on the technical issues faced by members to ensure that ultimately, all industrial doors or rolling shutters installed or supplied by a member, are fit for purpose and provide a standard of safety you would expect from reputable companies.

Industrial doors and shutters are predominantly found in places of work, The Workplace Regulations 1992 requires that vertically moving doors in the workplace are maintained in a safe condition (Regulation 5) and that they should be fitted with a device to prevent them falling back (Regulation 18). The person responsible for this could be the owner, manager or tenant who oversees the workplace. 

Section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires that, where the door forms part of an undertaking, it should be maintained in a safe condition for users. This could apply to landlords, managing agents or anyone else with a professional duty of care to others.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 requires that any works done by a repairer or maintainer (this includes maintenance) will result in a safe outcome. The appropriate reference document on the mechanical aspects of these doors is EN 12604 and it requires that the door has protection against single component failure. In other words, if the spring or transmission breaks, something else must stop the door from falling.  This situation has resulted in a large number of doors that were designed or installed prior to the release of EN 12604 not having any form of fall back protection.

dhf has produced several publications that can help with understanding your responsibilities as an owner or installer of industrial doors and or shutters. You can find these in the publications section of this site.

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