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Owners responsibilities


Be safe, be legal - regular door maintenance is vital

It is essential that a regular maintenance programme is in place - and adhered to - for all industrial doors and shutters.

Serious accidents and injuries caused by faulty doors are almost always the result of lack of maintenance. If an accident involving an industrial door or shutter takes place, the building manager or owner runs the risk of facing prosecution under the Health Safety at Work Act 1974, for failing to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of his employees.  The same legislation also requires employers and the self-employed to safeguard persons not in their employment, which would include visitors, passers-by and even trespassers.

In an industrial or commercial workplace, the Workplace Regulations 1992 have specific requirements for the safety of doors and gates.

Fire doors are governed by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) and managers must self-certify that all fire prevention equipment - including fire doors - have been correctly specified and are regularly maintained.

Thermal resistance for doors

Thermal insulation values of new doors must be declared on the Declaration of Performance (DoP).  This is expressed as a 'U' value in W/m2 oK and should be for the entire door, not a part of it, as detailed in EN 12428:2000.

When specifying or buying doors you should always ask for a copy of the laboratory test certificate that clearly expresses the insulation value of the entire door, not the transfer value across the insulated lath or insulated panel.

Most insulated sectional overhead doors with 40-42mm thick PUR/PIR foam filled panels should be able to achieve a 'U' value in the region of 1 to 1.3W/m2 oK and possibly better with additional sealing for an entire door of approximately 4m x 4m. It has been reported that some companies may state values as low as .4 or .5 W/m2 oK. This generally would be the transfer value across the panel and is irrelevant in determining the correct 'U' value for the entire door.

Similarly, with regard to insulated rolling shutter lath, the ‘U’ value, as stated clearly in the EN 12428:2000, should be for the entire door, not the lath. Most manufacturers of insulated roller shutters should be able to achieve a 'U' value on a 4m x 4m door of approximately 4-4.5 W/m2 oK.

If you are quoted anything less, ask to see the test certificate.

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