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Types of industrial doors and shutters 

Automation is available for all types of doors and shutters shown here. The types of products available include:

Sectional overhead doors

This type of door features ease of operation, weather resistance and versatility. Requirements for thermal insulation, maximum vision, ventilation with security and elegance can all be met. These doors can be manually operated by pull down rope or geared hoist, or automatically by a range of electric motors and control systems. They are made in industrial and domestic sizes.

Insulated sliding folding doors

These are the horizontally operating equivalent to sectional overhead doors. They are usually thermally insulated and weather resistant for external use. Main features include ease of use due to their availability in powered and manual versions, durability, and low maintenance requirements.

Folding shutter doors

These stack neatly to the side of the opening, take up very little headroom, and are purpose made in a range of sizes and fixing applications. This makes them particularly suitable for wide openings and for applications where there are strong prevailing winds. They are easy to operate in emergency or manual mode.

Fire resisting rolling shutters and curtains

Fire resisting shutters and curtains are installed in fire rated walls where there is a need to restrict the spread of fire from one area to another as required under UK Building Regulations. Fire shutters have the advantage of providing security and can be used daily, whereas fire curtains are generally only deployed in a fire situation but have the advantage of being lighter and more compact. Both fire shutters and fire curtains can be partially deployed to act as a smoke curtain enabling occupants to escape a fire whilst reducing the spread of smoke in the building.

The law affecting the supply of fire resisting shutters changed in November 2019, CE marking under the Construction Products Regulations is now mandatory. Download the dhf document Changes to CE Marking here. 

The primary evidence of conformity is now the Declaration of Performance (the DOP) and the CE plate - click here for an example of a correct DOP.

Rolling shutters

These are suitable for a variety of applications from small security shutters to large warehouse doors. Strong and efficient roller shutters withstand the toughest conditions providing reliability whilst retaining ease of operation. They are normally operated by a geared hand chain hoist or an electric motor.

Smoke curtains

Smoke curtains are an integral part of a smoke ventilation system and should not be confused with fire curtains. They must comply with EN 12101 and be CE marked.

Smoke curtains have two uses in a building:

  • To stop the initial spread of smoke in the first stages of a fire while the occupants can escape.
  • To channel smoke towards a smoke reservoir such as some atria or to where there is a smoke extract system.

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