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dhf members of the Automated Gate Group manufacture, supply, install and maintain powered automatic gates & traffic barriers, as well as provide automation supplies and safety equipment used on automated gates.  Automated gates are used for multiple situations such as: commercial and parking facilities; industrial premises and increasingly in residential or ‘gated community’ homes and schools.  

It is estimated that around two thirds of the gates in operation within the UK and Ireland are unsafe.  The aim of the dhf Automated Gate Group is to raise the standards in the industry so that all automated gates are safe.   For that reason, dhf created Gate Safety Month – a campaign dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of badly installed and maintained automated gates. 

All members of the group are obliged to have at least one employee undertake the Level 2 Award in Automated Gate & Traffic Barrier Safety + Level 4 Award in Industrial & Garage Door and Powered Gate & Barrier Legislation combined course before becoming a full member of dhf.  This certification must be renewed by means of a refresher course every three years to ensure that all members are up to date with the latest legislation and standards required for gate installation.

When you choose a dhf Automated Gate Group member, you are choosing a company dedicated to safety above everything else and one that is trained to a high standard.

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