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The dhf Automated Gate Group has introduced an industry-wide training scheme as part of its drive to increase levels of safety in the powered automatic gates sector.

Regular training courses for automated gates are held throughout the UK (by arrangement in Ireland) and succesful candidates acheive their Gate Safety Diploma. The courses are open to members and non-members of dhf  and is ideal for all those personnel responsible for the safety of automatically controlled powered gates.

Each course takes place over two days and focuses on technical and practical safety procedures. The dhf Gate Safety Diploma will cover all aspects of gate safety from initial risk assessment through to force testing. It will ensure that installers are fully conversant with all relevant safety regulations, can prepare a technical file and can issue a Declaration of Conformity.

It is a condition of membership, that all dhf members who are involved with automated gates employs at least one diploma holder.  This means dhf Automated Gate Group member companies' personnel are trained to provide and install fully compliant gates in all environments including residential areas, industrial and commercial parks and school grounds.

It is the industry's only scheme to offer this depth of training. The dhf Automated Gate Group received advice on legal aspects from the Health & Safety Executive during the planning of the training curriculum.

The dhf diploma assures the customer that they have chosen a safe product from an accredited manufacturer that has been installed by a fully trained installer. It gives the customer complete peace of mind that they have made a responsible and safe choice.

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