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Automated gates & traffic barriers are convenient to use and form an integral part of any site security system in a wide range of environments, e.g. industry, commerce, education, car parks, public utilities, collective residences and domestic residences.  Systems come in a wide variety of styles that include, swinging, sliding and folding gates and vertically moving car park barriers.

As these systems are used to provide control over perimeter access, they are placed at the boundary between public and private areas.  The fact that they are used by the public, as well as a wide range of vehicle types and pedestrian capabilities, means that safety must be given high priority.  Not only able bodied adults will be affected, people with limited sight, physical restrictions, learning difficulties and of course young children may also come into contact.

It is for this reason that the law demands that these systems are safe when first provided but also kept safe by regular maintenance.  Historically there have been problems with automated gate and traffic barrier safety as not everyone in the industry was properly informed, leading to a catalogue of deaths and injuries affecting adults and children alike. 

Since 2010 dhf has been actively campaigning for safer systems and has provided training and documentary guidance for the industry as well as users.  The industry leading Level 2 Award in Automated Gate & Traffic Barrier Safety and Level 4 Award in Industrial & Garage Door and Automated Gate & Barrier Legislation is available to all industry stakeholders.  The dhf  Code of Practice TS 013-1 contains all the legislative, standards and documentary guidance necessary for both providers and users in a single document.

Properly specified and maintained automated gates and barriers are perfectly safe to use.

Technical information

Companies involved in the supply or installation of automated gates and traffic barriers realise the dangers of badly installed gates and barriers.  dhf is well established within the Automated gate industry, and formed the Automated (formerly Powered) Gate Group in 2010 following a series of accidents and two child fatalities in the same week. Encouraged by the HSE, dhf created the group dedicated to raising standards for the safe installation of automated gates and traffic barriers.

Installing automated gates is a technical challenge and there are many factors to consider.  dhf identified a need to clarify the requirements of all the law and technical issues for installers to use as a ‘guide’ that complements the training offered by dhf.

Technical Specification dhf TS 013:2021 Parts 1,2 and 3 a Code of Practice for the Design, Manufacture, Installation & Maintenance of Powered Gates and Traffic Barriers was created to do just that.  Now used by every dhf member of the Automated Gate Group and industry wide companies.  The certification body National Security Inspectorate (NSI) uses the specification to audit against as part of the conditions for their 'Gate Scheme'.  It sets out the technical requirements as well as the legislation and standards required to install a safe and compliant gate. 

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